terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

Relato de parto "The Farm"

Mais um relato autêntico do fantástico livro "Spiritual Midwifery":

Paul and I arm-wrestled a bunch during my labour. When I got a rush, I would reach up and press my palms against his as hard as I could. It helped a lot to put some energy out as all that energy was going through me. Paul really helped me keep my sense of humour. If it started to get hard he would do something that would make me laugh. I was really glad I was at home with my husband and friends and not in some hospital bed with nurses I'd never met before. (...) One time I asked [the midwife]: "How much longer do you think its going to be?". She laughed and said she couldn't answer, because she didn't know. She said I had to welcome every rush and not think about how many there would be.
One time I felt like maybe I couldn't really do it. I told Mary Louise [the midwife] that and she just calmly told me that she knew I could, and I knew she was right and felt a bunch better.
(...) All of a sudden I got this big rush of energy . My whole thing started to open up; it almost felt like I was coming on to an orgasm. (...) I could really feel the baby a lot then. She [Leonna, the baby] was right there, her consciousness was strong. Thinking of her helped me a lot. I knew she was ready to get born and I wanted to help her do it.
I had to learn how to push, and then got into it for a while. I felt like a cow and started to make these really loud, low bellowing noises. I had no idea I was going to do that. It just felt completly natural and just came out. At first it seemed a little embarrassing and I asked Mary Louise if it was okay. She said yes, it was helping the baby move down (...). I could feel Leonna moving down and coming out.

Aqui está como a presença do pai e de uma profissional confiante e encorajadora (cuidado: não confundir com dirigente!) são cruciais para o bom desenrolar do parto! O marido conseguiu manter-se seguro e calmo de forma a transmitir esses sentimentos à mulher e partilhar com ela o momento. A parteira, não-interventiva, apoiou a mulher, que assim acreditou nela e no que lhe estava a acontecer.
No parto da Joana, eu também procurei sintonizar-me com a bebé de forma a ajudá-la a sair. A visualização do processo e a vocalização ajudaram imenso. A presença de uma equipa de suporte foi crucial para o bom desenrolar do parto!

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