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Lucy Lawless, a minha heroína!!

Além de ser a Xena, é uma mamã activista!

E eis senão que... ao cruzar a web por mais info sobre celebridades que amamentam encontro uma das minhas actrizes de eleição (adorava a "Xena, Princesa Guerreira"!!!) a promover a amamentação! (Eu nem sabia que ela tinha filhos!) E uns minutos mais tarde descubro ainda que os seus dois últimos filhos... NASCERAM EM CASA!

2º filho:

Entrevista ao casal depois do nascimento do 3º filho:

«When he [o marido, Robert Tapert] discovered Lawless was planning a home birth for Julius – and later Judah – "I thought she was absolutely out of her mind", he admits. "I couldn't imagine that someone did that."
And then, of course, it was a water birth to boot.
His fears were allayed when "Lucy dragged me to ante-natal classes".
Lawless said she didn't even think it was a decision she needed to consult him about.
"I never realised it was a problem for you," she tells him. "I just thought `What's it got to do with the father?"
But Lawless says with the Xena series so high profile, particularly when Julius was born, the privacy of a home birth was an attractive and discreet option.
"It's lovely having a baby at home. He was born at 11.44pm and we were in bed asleep by 1.30 am."
Now Tapert too is a convert. "Afterwards, I realised how great it was to have a baby at home. Within 23 minutes of (Judah) being born he was on my belly when the midwife was dealing with Lucy. I started going downstairs with the baby and the dog's there pogoing straight up and down because he knew something had been going on."
Labour this time was hard and fast, over in three hours compared with the 27 hours last time. It was very, ah, challenging, Lawless admits.
After it she celebrated by eating a wheel of camembert – a luxury denied her while pregnant.
"It was a snap," says Tapert of Judah's birth. The first time, though, "I got a bit angry that things weren't going the way I expected them to. I couldn't find things . . . It was way outside my comfort zone.
"The first time I was afraid because I'd never seen anyone give birth. I had been at car accidents where people were in tremendous pain and I thought the birthing process was going to be that kind of pain but it isn't. It's waves of indigestion."
Lawless explodes with laughter. "Yeah, from the outside it is."

in Sunday Star Times
July 7, 2002

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